Hlaudi Motsoeneng gears up to launch his own party

You know I'm the best leader in SA, says former SABC COO

'You know, I'm the best leader in SA' – Hlaudi Motsoeneng gears up to launch his own party

12 December 2018

Controversial former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng has his eye on the presidency and will announce the creation of his own party as a "vehicle to get into Parliament" soon.

"You know, I'm the best leader in South Africa," Motsoeneng told News24 on Wednesday, adding that people couldn't see it when he was at the SABC because of all the drama at the broadcaster at the time.

"I can tell you, I'm unique."

He views his independent mind as his major strength.

He was fairly mum on the specifics of his party but said all will be revealed at a press conference in Johannesburg on Thursday.

The press conference will be at the Milpark Hotel in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

'Who's the ANC?'

The SABC's head office can be seen from the hotel and it was also the venue of a press conference in April 2017 which proved to be the final nail in his coffin at the SABC, as a disciplinary hearing found him to have brought the organisation into disrepute during the briefing.

Asked how he would deal with the ANC, DA and EFF which are sure to have a go at him once he enters the political arena, Motsoeneng said: "In my eyes, they don't exist. I'm not going to focus on the EFF and DA. I'm not going to focus on the ANC."

"I'm only going to focus on the president. All my battles will be between me and Cyril. ANC? Who's the ANC after all?

"The ANC and other parties mesmerised the minds of people."

He said parties are just "vehicles to take you to Parliament".

"My party – I'm the main man.

"It is just a vehicle to take me to Parliament.

"When you vote for my party, you vote for Hlaudi."

He said his party would be no place for racists.

"All of us, our blood is red.

"I don't want to dwell on race, I want to deal with the challenges facing the country."

He said the biggest challenge facing the country is poverty.

A party for all

Motsoeneng pointed out that there are also white people living in poverty. He said he was on record during his time at the SABC saying that white people weren't represented enough at the broadcaster.

"People thought I was crazy."

He said his party would also represent people living albinism, lesbian and gay people and people with disabilities.

"I want all South Africans. It doesn't matter their beliefs or where they belong."

However, the position of black people would not be compromised, as they are in the majority, he said.

"But we cannot repress minorities."

After a protracted court battle Motsoeneng parted ways with the SABC last year. His leadership was cited by many who testified at Parliament's ad hoc committee's inquiry into the SABC board as one of the major reasons for the broadcaster's recent failings.