Horrific N1 Collision: DA extends its condolences - Jacques Smalle

DA PC says 27 people killed when front tire of truck burst and it veered into oncoming traffic

Horrific N1 Collision: DA extends its condolences

The DA is deeply saddened by the passing of 27 people in a horrific accident on the N1 between Kranskop and Middlefontein and would like to extend its sincere condolences to the families and all those who were affected by the accident. The DA further notes with sadness that 2 of the deceased were children whose lives were ended prematurely and tragically.

This is but one of many accidents that have taken place in the province in the last few months and it is clear that road safety is not a priority for the failing ANC government.

This accident occurred after a front tire of a truck burst causing it to hit oncoming traffic. This leaves various questions about vehicle safety in the province and the efficient monitoring thereof by the government. Government must ensure that proper checks are in place and that vehicle safety is properly monitored to prevent further unnecessary loss of life.

The DA will not sit idly by while the safety of road users in the province is not prioritised. The DA insists that the safety of every road user be ensured and prioritised and that there be ongoing and intensified road safety campaigns throughout the year.

Enough people have unnecessarily lost their lives on Limpopo roads. No unworthy vehicle should be allowed to travel on our roads.

The DA stands together with the families as they mourn the passing of their loved ones and would like to wish those who were injured a speedy recovery.

Statement issued by Jacques Smalle, DA Limpopo Premier Candidate, 20 October 2018