"I'm hooked on hookers! But now I want to change my life..." - Daily Sun

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, May 29 2013



Daily Sun (May 29 2013) - HIS addiction to magoshas started when he was only a teenager. And now, at 22 years of age, he has lost count of the number of prostitutes he has had sex with. "ON A GOOD WEEKEND I SLEEP WITH UP TO 14 WOMEN," HE SAID.

Tlou Tselana, from Tembisa in Ekurhuleni, said his addiction to magoshas has spiralled out of control. "I don't like the person I have become," he said. Tlou said he has been a regular with the ladies of the night since he was 16. Speaking to Daily Sun, Tlou said he is desperate to change his lifestyle. "But I can't change my life and put my plans into action because I'm always exhausted," he said.

"I spent my weekends in areas like Nugget and Bree Streets, in Jeppestown and around the Joburg CBD because that is where I find the women." Tlou said the women cost him about R30 each. He wants to quit alcohol and tobacco. "I was not like this before I started drinking and smoking," he said. Tlou has never had a girlfriend. "I don't even know how to approach a girl," he said.

"I  tried magoshas when I was only 16 and knew I loved them. I prefer the older women because with them I don't have to talk too much." Tlou modestly describes himself as "well-endowed". And he claims he always uses a condom. Tlou completed his matric in 2011.

"In high school I wanted to be a journalist or a radio personality but I haven't done anything to make that happen." The young man told the Peoples Paper he wants to change his life and make his parents proud. "I live with my dad but because of my bad behaviour, we don't see eye to eye," he said.

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