January 2012 farm murders

Names and details of fatal attacks on farms and small holdings

On Tuesday the farmers union TAU SA stated that, according to their information, six individuals had been murdered on farms and small holdings in January 2012, up from one during the equivalent period last year. There were five other attacks, during which no deaths were recorded. Below is a table with details of the six killings - with links back to the original press reports.

The South African Police Service published statistics on farm attacks and farm murders up until 2007. While it apparently still records this data it refuses to release it to the public. TAU SA relies upon press reports and feedback from its members for its statistics, and as such may undercount the extent of the problem.








Dries du Toit, 56

Klipplaatdrift farm, Ventersdorp North West. Opposite Eugene Terre'Blanche's old farm

Beaten to death in his bed by five robbers at around 4 am in the morning. His wife also beaten, but survived.



Koos Bisschoff,71

Mooihoek Avondale farm, between Rustenburg and Koster, North West

Attacked at his home by five robbers. Hit over the head with a rifle, bound with plastic ties and locked in a room with a plastic bag over his head. Died later of his wounds. Bisschoff suffered from asbestosis.



Michael Stenger, 30

Barbeton Road, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

Attacked by four robbers on his small holding. Used as a human shield in a shoot out with a colleague of Stenger's. Accidentally shot and died of his wounds.  



Frans van der Linden, 57

Rashoop, outside Brits, North West

Attacked on a small holding he was staying at. Beaten and twice shot by robbers at around 3am, who fled with a purse, cellphone and two watches. His daughter was about to be married. Arrests later made.



Francois du Toit, 38

Game farm outside Roossenekal, Mpumalanga

A nutritional services expert at Alzu Feeds in Middelburg. Shot twice by robbers who entered his house at around 1am in the morning. Died shortly after of his wounds. His wife and children were tied up.



Hendrik Johannes (Boet) Cilliers, 77

Farm near Stella, North West

Found dead on his farm with a gunshot wound on the forehead. His legs were tied up and he was badly assaulted
















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