JP Smith does nothing without a press statement - COSATU WCape

Tony Ehrenreich says Cape Town's mayco member is a rocket scientist who is a bit slow and he should be moved to sports or counting sunsets

JP Smith does nothing without a press statement

27 January 2015

The City's Mayoral Committee member for Safety, JP Smith, does nothing without a press statement. He sent out a press statement to say that he is getting up this morning and going to visit a school. If he spent half the time on a coherent programme to address safety problems as he does on press statements, then we would have found solutions to the crisis that got worse under his watch.

This rocket scientist is a bit slow and should be moved to sports or counting sunsets, as he has failed in this present position. When he tries to get into the media for doing something, he just wastes more time. Remember the time he was going to fine dogs for barking for more than five minutes an hour? Or when he was going to stop people from painting their cars or do modifications, or when his department assaulted a busker?

This man is a disaster and now he is boring us with announcements that he will be taking seven breaths a minute before tea time. Between this and his various letters of complaint to the Speaker of the City against Councillors, no wonder he gets nothing done. COSATU again demands that he be replaced, given that Zille is defending his incompetence because he is a special learner of the DA, much in the same league as Donald Grant. Our children's safety must be more important than this Councillor's job security.

Statement issued by COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, January 27 2015

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