Judges on lockdown after prisoners escape from court

It is unclear how many prisoners fled the building

Judges on lockdown for an hour after prisoners escape from South Gauteng High Court

5 December 2018

Two sources have confirmed to News24 that judges at the South Gauteng High Court were on lockdown for an hour on Wednesday afternoon, after several prisoners escaped.

It is unclear how many prisoners fled the building, but it's understood none have been arrested.

"I was in the parking garage about to leave when the prisoners ran past me. I hid behind my car. I went upstairs after about 20 mins. And we couldn’t leave for an hour. They haven’t been caught! It is the most absurd situation. The prisoners are dropped off and collected in the same garage where we park. Also our entry and exit is congested with delivery trucks and a Boxer warehouse where goods are off loaded. The road is a total nightmare," one source told News24.

The judges have since been allowed to leave the court.

Captain Mavela Masondo confirmed the incident to News24 and said he was on his way to the scene.

More to follow.