Julius Malema to now do a philosophy honours

EFF leader says he graduated with UNISA BA degree with sole intention of wanting to inspire others

I wanted to inspire others – Malema

Pretoria – EFF leader Julius Malema said he wanted to be an inspiration to others by graduating.

"I graduated with the sole intention of wanting to inspire many other people," Malema said after the graduation ceremony. "We all know that revolutionaries have a responsibility to lead by example through accumulating knowledge."

Malema donned his gown and walked on to the Unisa stage on Wednesday to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree.

It was a night of joy for Malema and his supporters. As he walked into the ZK Mathews Hall, those inside cheered and ululated as he took his seat.

As he made his way to the stage to receive his degree, the hall erupted with screams. His family danced in the front row.

With fist high in the air, Malema walked off. People shook his hand as he returned to his seat.

Doing honours in philosophy

Speaking to reporters outside the hall, Malema stressed the importance of studying. He said leaders had to read in order to enrich themselves.

Malema announced that he would be doing his honours in philosophy. He said he wanted to accumulate more knowledge and inspire African children.

He said the process of obtaining his degree was not easy as he was embroiled in numerous court battles during his studies.

"There was a point where I had to write exams and then after go to court when the ANC prosecuted me. The table we were studying on, Sars had to come and take and we had to look for alternative tables," he said.

"The whole thing was just an attempt to destroy an individual. I refused to succumb to the agenda of my enemies. I refused to allow my enemies to determine my destination. I'm in charge of my education," said Malema.

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