Khume Ramulifho elected DA Gauteng South chairperson

Patrick Atkinson Vice Chair- Johannesburg and Simon Mollo Vice Chair - Sedibeng


The Democratic Alliance has topped off a week of historic parliamentary internal elections with another important election in its biggest region, Gauteng South (Johannesburg, Sedibeng). Member of the Gauteng Legislature, Khume Ramulifho was elected Chairperson of the Gauteng South region at the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday.

Ramulifho (32) has extensive experience as a former national DA Youth Leader, Johannesburg councillor and former deputy chairperson of the region. He joined the party in 1998 and worked his way up the ranks, studying human resource management along the way. Ramulifho's election signals generational mix and represents the new growth of the party.

He stood on a platform of galvanising support for the party by strengthening local party organisation and directly taking on the growing destructive tendencies of the ANC and the ANCYL. Amongst other members elected are Cllr Patrick Atkinson for Vice Chair- Johannesburg and Cllr Simon Mollo for Vice Chair - Sedibeng.

Statement issued by Khume Ramulifho, MPL, DA Gauteng South Regional chairperson, October 30 2011

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