"KPMG's CEO Hoole ducks, dives over Gupta scandal" - BizNews

And four other of the top stories on Alec Hogg's business news website, 27 July 2017

JOHANNESBURG – The five best read stories on Alec Hogg’s, Thursday, 27 July 2017:

1. Just not good enough KPMG! CEO Hoole ducks, dives over Gupta scandal

2. Gupta kickbacks: 8 questions that Germany’s Software AG must answer

3. Gupta’s Chinese chinas could be next to pop as interest keeps spreading

4. The Elon Musk effect: UK to ban diesel, petrol cars by 2040

5. Burying the Iqbal Survé ‘struggle doctor’ myth – Ed Herbst is SA's fastest growing business news website. Founded by internet publishing pioneer and broadcaster Alec Hogg, it specialises in providing breaking news and expert opinion on money and investments.

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