Legal action looming against SACE – Solidarity

Movement says council has not issued teachers with certificates

Legal action looming against SACE over teachers not receiving certificates

22 February 2021

Solidarity gave the South African Council for Educators (SACE) until the end of Friday to confirm that it would register Solidarity’s members with the body. According to Solidarity, SACE is failing to fulfil its statutory obligation and consequently causes direct damages to the teachers involved.

“SACE’s negligence in registering teachers is unacceptable. Teachers are obliged by law to register with SACE, following which SACE issues a certificate to the teachers concerned which enables him/her to hold a position in teaching,” Anton van der Bijl, head of Legal Matters at Solidarity said. “SACE is not just failing to fulfil its statutory obligation it has to these teachers, but as a consequence the teachers are also prevented from practising their profession, and this while there is a shortage of teachers in the country as it is”.

Solidarity pointed out that its members have tried to register with SACE on numerous occasions. Every attempt was unsuccessful. As a result of SACE’s failure to fulfil its obligations these teachers suffer as a result of not being able to practise and as such to earn an income.

“We cannot allow this situation to continue any further. That is why we demand action from SACE. Should they not give an undertaking to register these teachers, we will consider proceeding with litigation to force SACE to fulfil its statutory obligations and to register our members, thus enabling them to work and to make a living,” Van der Bijl concluded.

Read the letter here.

Issued byJohnell van Vollenhoven, Spokesperson, Solidarity, 22 February 2021