Lekota has no power to expel Shilowa - COPE (S)

Sipho Ngwema calls on media to ignore former president's inconsequential pronouncements


COPE calls on the public and media to ignore the dramatic antics and
inconsequential pronouncements of its former president and leader of parliament, Mosiuoa Lekota.

Apparently Lekota held a press conference in parliament this morning to announce that COPE president,Mbhazima Shilowa, has been expelled from the party. Lekota utterances are fallacious. These theatrical frolics are just publicity stunts of an attention seeking older order politician. Lekota is no longer a member of the CNC which is authorised to take such decisions after a due process.

Furthermore, the party is in the process of "sorting the confusion" as directed by parliament and the IEC, therefore it should be appreciated that nothing will be of force or effect until that is done.

In light of the directives, Lekota's melodramatic tricks are frustrations of a desperate man.

The CNC will meet in Cape Town over the weekend to deliberate on his improper conduct, the leadership confusion fuelled by Lekota and his supporters and other related matters.

For the record, Shilowa, and all other members of parliament of the party, will attend the opening of parliament on Thursday evening without any hindrance or drama. Only the CNC has authority to pronounce of COPE membership and disciplinary processes.

Statement issued by Sipho Ngwema on behalf of COPE(S), February 8 2011

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