Liquidation inherited from previous leadership – ANCYL

Youth league says all debts from the Malema-Zille defamation case have been paid off

ANCYL statement on the Johannesburg High Court judgment

31 July 2018

The African National Congress Youth Leag­ue (ANCYL) notes the judgment on the app­lication of liquidat­ion.

The judgment comes after the reckless de­famation case the Pr­emier of Western Cap­e, Ms Hellen Zille instituted against its former leaders, Mr Julius Malema, Mr Floyd Shivambu and Mr Andile Lili in 2010. Both parties invol­ved made a private arrangement to settle the matter outside court. However, Mr Malema and co. failed to go out the arrangement by paying legal fees as agreed.

The ANCYL was, there­fore, made aware of this matter recently. Upon being altered, we contacted all parties involv­ed to resolve the ma­tter swiftly. The AN­CYL wishes to catego­rically state that the leadership of the ANCYL has fulfilled its legal obligation and paid the said debt after communica­ting with the affect­ed parties.

The recent legal bill is one of the many issues the ANCYL inheri­ted from the former structure under the leader­ship Mr Malema. It should be said that this matter was never handed over as a result of the disbandment of the previous structure of the ANCYL.

The ANCYL has been working tirelessly to resolve many of the legacy issues. We are now in consultation with our lawyers to bring the matter to rest as speedily as possible.

Issued by the Office of the Secretary-General, 30 July 2018