Listeriosis outbreak will likely lead to job losses – NUPSAW

Union says fact that consumers will likely abandon buying of products is extremely worrying

Listeriosis at Polokawane Enterprise Co and Rainbow Chicken LTD (FS)

6 March 2018

NUPSAW Limpopo, which is a majority trade union in Polokwane Enterprise (a division of Tiger brands) is concerned over the link of the infection, Listeriosis on processed food for example in Polony, Viennas, Russians and other cold food products.

It is regrettable that wittingly or unwittingly, this Listeria monocytogene, which is a strain st6 bacteria, has gained access to the factory. This development is likely to compromise our member's health and affect processing of food products at the mentioned companies. It will likely lead to possible job losses.

NUPSAW Limpopo would like to applaud Minister Motswaledi for his bold move to confront the White Monopoly Capital as we have a preliminary view that this is profit maximizing scheme by Tiger brands. The union recently confronted the company on the effect of leaked Ammonia on the employees and to this day no report was given. We hope the minister will extend his boldness to infections originating in public health facilities.

The fact that consumers will likely abandon buying of the products is extremely worrying.

NUPSAW will therefore in the quest to ensure safety of jobs and safer food production, engage Depts of Labour and Agriculture to mitigate the situation.
NUPSAW Limpopo will meet with the company on behalf of our more than 400 members before end of the week.

Issued by Success Mataitsane, General Secretary, NUPSAW, 6 March 2018