Malema not corrupt - ANCYL Mpumalanga

Isaac Mahlangu says youth league president a legitimate businessman


The ANCYL in Mpumalanga notes with increasing anger the spirited campaign by the media to try everything possible to cast aspersions on the integrity of the ANCYL President, cde Julius Malema

We note that whilst much is written in these so-called "exclusive articles", none can broadly or specifically detect corruption, which is the intention of the "Corruption Auditors".

We re-affirm that the constitution of the country allows for all citizens to engage in legitimate business activity. Indeed, the Freedom Charter itself demanded that "All people shall have equal rights to trade where they choose, to manufacture and to enter all trades, crafts and professions". The Freedom Charter did so because apartheid and colonialism had systematically suppressed the entrepreneurial talents of our people. Any path to accumulation of assets amongst black people in general was ruthlessly crushed.

For as long as the country's economic establishment is structured the manner it is, unfortunately its rules and orders should be adhered to, and young people of this country should not be penalised for seizing the opportunities brought about by this kind of economic dispensation.

We are witnessing the intensification of dirty lobbying for the June 2011 ANCYL national congress and the ANC 2012 national conference. Nothing will stand on our way nor are we going to be distracted by forces that on political ground could not match the political bravery, shrewdity and astuteness on the part of the ANCYL President and have therefore resorted to monkey tricks of telling lies, brown envelope journalism that have come to characterise our present day newspapers.

We call on the "Corruption Auditors" to audit whether the timing, commonality and factual inaccuracies of these articles are not the result of brown envelope journalism, such that we can be convinced we are not reading ‘brown envelope articles". We can smell the influence of brown envelope in these articles.

The ANCYL would rally behind its leadership and would be victorious not only in its call for the nationalisation of mines, but in decisively defending the outcome of its 23rd national congress.

We stand behind our President, we will back him up in the tougher battles lying ahead, and we will be victorious.

The struggle continues and victory is certain!

Statement issued by ANCYL Mpumalanga provincial secretary, Isaac Mahlangu, February 21 2010

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