Stan Mathabatha finally succumbs to continued DA pressure – Jacques Smalle

Party says all 11 implicated mayors should have been fired and not only the seven that were announced today

Premier Mathabatha finally succumbs to continued DA pressure

11 December 2018

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Limpopo notes that Premier Mathabatha has finally succumbed to the continued pressure from the Democratic Alliance and the people of the province.

We do, however, believe that all 11 implicated Mayors should have been fired and not only the seven that were announced today.

The “Great Bank Heist”-report implicating various ANC and EFF members was released on 10 October 2018. Premier Mathabatha was also aware of deposits into VBS by Municipalities since 2014.

This means that for an extended period the Limpopo Premier did nothing but sit on his hands. During this period the DA instituted Motions of No Confidence in all implicated Mayors but the failing ANC abused its majority in municipalities to protect morally corrupt individuals. If the failing ANC was at all serious about accountability they would have supported the Democratic Alliance to remove these Mayors.

The latest announcement by the Premier is nothing more than last minute electioneering and were it not for the 2019 election not a single official would have been held accountable for their role in sucking VBS dry.

Even the ANC itself benefited illegally from VBS when they received a R2 million “donation” from the bank. The ANC exploited the most vulnerable citizens to fill their own pockets. For far too long the ANC/EFF coalition of corruption has run rampant and caused harm to embattled municipalities across Limpopo.

The failing ANC is trying to save face, but the reality is that it is rotten to the core and the fact that not a single politician was held to account before today, despite incriminating evidence, shows that this is an organisation that can not be trusted. This is an organisation that has failed the people of South Africa and needs to be punished at the ballot boxes in 2019.

The Democratic Alliance insist that the Mayors and politicians like Florence Radzilani, Gilbert Kganyago and various other ANC top officials should not be recycled and redeployed to Parliament or other Government roles but should face the full might of the law.

We will not stand for the redeployment of these cadres and every single person who currently is still employed by government should be shown the door immediately.

The DA maintains that all those implicated in the VBS scandal should exchange their expensive suits and designer dresses for orange overalls. We demand that every single implicated official vacate their political office immediately. Those who deem it fit to steal from our most vulnerable belong behind bars and should not be allowed anywhere near our State coffers.

Only the DA has plan to stop corruption, where those found to corrupt will face 15 years behind bars, not a job in the public service.

Issued by Jacques SmalleDA Limpopo Premier Candidate, 11 December 2018