De Lille and DA reach agreement – Natasha Mazzone

Motion of no confidence withdrawn pending speedy 3-day disciplinary process in August

Mayor De Lille and the Democratic Alliance reach an agreement regarding the disciplinary process going forward

26 July 2018

The Democratic Alliance (DA) and Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille, have reached an agreement about her ongoing issues with the Party.

Both parties have agreed to a speedy disciplinary process including a hearing that will take place over 3 days in August.

In line with the agreement, the Motion of No Confidence against Mayor De Lille that was scheduled to take place, today in the City of Cape Town Council, has been withdrawn.

In addition, the agreement makes space for the Mayor to be held accountable in a fair and reasonable manner for findings of independent Council led-investigations, such as the upcoming Bowman’s report into her conduct.

Upon Mayor De Lille’s insistence, the Party will appoint an FLC panel, and the prosecution will be led by an independent senior prosecutor and will be open to the media. This agreement states that we will all strive to conclude the matter as soon as possible.

We are working to ensure that the DA Caucus, the Mayoral Committee and functions of the City are focused on putting the people of Cape Town first.

Issued by Natasha Mazzone, DA Deputy Chairperson of Federal Council, 26 July 2018