Mcebo Dlamini appeals to Ramaphosa to free Fallists

Activist walked from Wits to Union Buildings to highlight plight of those jailed

Mcebo Dlamini asks Ramaphosa to use his political clout to help #FeesMustFall students in jail

Fees Must Fall student activist Mcebo Dlamini called on President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday to think like a parent and not "kill those arrested during student protests".

"I want him to know that students are sorry for the damage [caused] to property during protests. But we are bleeding as children. I want him to be a parent and help his children," Dlamini said outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

He walked from Wits University in Johannesburg to the Union Buildings to highlight the plight of students in jail for their role during the Fees Must Fall protests.

He began his journey at 10:00 and arrived just before 20:00.

Ramaphosa is out of the country but Dlamini handed over a document to the office of the president.

"At the moment, I am tired, but the conviction is still there. I just hope that whatever we did will bring results for the South African child. That is all that matters."

Dlamini called on Ramaphosa to use his political clout to assist the students.

"They are young, and they have been fighting for something that is just. Help the youth. Allow them to have a fair future."

Dlamini also faces criminal charges related to the protests.

Last week, Higher Education and Training Minister Naledi Pandor revealed that institutions of higher learning suffered nearly R800 million in protest damage in the past three financial years.

The Fees Must Fall protests began in October 2015 with the sole objective to stop increases in student fees and to increase government funding of universities.

Hundreds of students were assaulted and arrested during that period.