Missing Muthambi & ANC MPs to be referred to Ethics Committee - Mike Waters

DA DCW says PSA committee has now issued a summons to the bunking minister

DA to refer bunking Muthambi and boycotting ANC MPs to the Ethics Committee

The DA will be referring Minister Faith Muthambi and the ANC members who chose to boycott today’s meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration to the Joint Committee on Ethics and Members' Interests.

Messrs Muthambi, Dlamini-Dubazana, Ntombela, Dirks and Newhoudt-Druchen must all be held accountable for this gross dereliction of duty.

The DA is appalled by the conduct of Muthambi, her Director-General and the CEOs from the National School of Government and the Centre for Public Service and Innovation who failed to appear before the committee, without explanation, or perhaps boycotted it too.

We support the unanimous resolution of the committee, despite the errant ANC members’ best attempts otherwise, to have the Minister and her fellow truants summoned to appear before the committee. This summons will mean that if Minister Muthambi fails to appear next time she will be liable to a fine or imprisonment.

Furthermore, the Minister and her D-G should be held liable, in their personal capacity, for the costs of their pointless trip to Cape Town.

Today’s events once again show an ANC at war with itself and which can’t be trusted to govern, and reinforces our call for early elections. South Africa needs a new beginning, one without the corrupt system the ANC has built.

Statement issued by Mike Waters MP, Deputy Chief Whip of the Democratic Alliance, 15 August 2017