MKMVA will defend ANC from hooligans

Sprite Mabala says disruption of President Zuma's lecture an intolerable act

MKMVA defends ANC from hooliganism

In light of what happened during a memorial lecture of the second ANC president Magkhato by the president Jacob Zuma on 23 February 2012 at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, MKMVA sees it necessary to stand and fight for the integrity of the organisation.

To say that disrupting such a gathering is out of order is an understatement. Such actions should be referred to as hooliganism and shall not be tolerated. The perpetrators of such actions must be held to account and furthermore, they must be suspended from any activities of the ANC and their membership must be revoked as well.

As the veterans of this organisation and especially during this period of celebrating 100 years of selfless struggle for the liberation of South Africa, we say that enough damage has been done to discredit our prestigious organisation. It is clear that not everyone within the organisation has the interest of the ANC at heart.

We do acknowledge that some people have an agenda which varies from a collective agenda of the organisation and they are out to destroy the organisation's reputation and integrity. We also acknowledge that internal squabbles have managed to bring the organisation into disrepute and we call for an end to all this madness.

We call on all legitimate and passionate members of the ANC to safe guard and defend the organisation from such actions. Such an act must never be tolerated and the name of the organisation is more important than any individual in the organisation. Therefore, we as MKMVA members stand beside our organisation and will defend it always from hooliganism, corruption and self-interest.

We'll never sit back and watch while our ANC is distracted and destroyed, while the image and the reputation of the organization is dragged into the mud, by few hooligans who portray themselves as members, in order to hide behind the banner of the ANC.

We'll never let the ANC vanish whilst we still alive, every member of MK took a pledge that "until the last man we'll protect and defend the organisation with our lives till we all perish." We as uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association still cherish those ideals.

The president and the members of the national executive committee are elected by the national conference to lead and spearhead the aspirations of the organisation till the end of their mandate, which is the stipulated duration of five years in the office. Members are expected to respect and exercise discipline to those officials.

The ANC as the motive force of the National Democratic Revolution has been a custodian of discipline during the national struggle, still is today and it has maintained this momentum unswervingly. We'll spare no quarter to the angels of darkness whose interest is to destroy our image.

The experience we portrayed of eighteen years in government and marking of centenary as strong and united force attest to our discipline here at home and abroad.

We call all the progressive revolutionaries to join forces and unite in defence of the culture and principles of the organization.

Statement issued by Sprite Mabala, National deputy chairperson: MKMVA, February 27 2012

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