Brian Molefe’s appeal a delaying tactic – Solidarity

Movement says former Eskom CEO shows no insight into his transgressions

Molefe’s appeal merely postponing tactics – Solidarity

31 January 2018

Brian Molefe, former Eskom CEO, today applied for leave to appeal after the Pretoria High Court found on 25 January that his reappointment and pension fund pay-out were unlawful. “We are astounded by Mr Molefe’s application and we believe that no other court will come to a different decision. We’ll definitely oppose the application,” Solidarity Chief Executive Dr Dirk Hermann said.

According to Hermann, the reason for Molefe’s application for leave to appeal is merely a tactic to prevent him from having to repay the money he owes. “These types of actions and postponement tactics are abusing the law and a waste of time,” Hermann said.

According to Hermann, Mr Molefe shows no insight into his transgressions. “He ought to be ashamed, ask the country for forgiveness and repay the money unlawfully paid to him. However, he is doing the exact opposite by trying to defend what the court has already found to be indefensible,” Hermann added. 

“In addition to us opposing the application for leave to appeal, Solidarity will continue with a submission to the Hawks to assist them with the criminal investigation against Mr Molefe. The criminal case is not dependent on his application for leave to appeal,” Hermann concluded.

To read the final ruling, click here.
To read the application for leave to appeal, click here.

Issued by Francois Redelinghuys, Spokesperson, Solidarity, 31 January 2018