NDPP exposes blue lies – GOOD

Brett Herron says it is not a surprise that it was decided not to prosecute De Lille

NDPP exposes blue lies  

10 July 2019

Today the Director of Public Prosecutions confirmed what we have known all along - that the DA’s allegations against GOOD Leader, Patricia De Lille, were exactly as she has always described them: blue lies.

The NDPP decision exposes the DA as having concocted charges against De Lille, and as having abused the criminal justice system, for the political purposes of the laptop boys who spent nearly two years plotting against her. 

Their house of cards has collapsed.

Their lies are exposed.

It is shameful and embarrassing that the DA abused the people of Cape Town’s trust, and sold them blue lies, to justify their conduct against De Lille who was democratically elected as the Executive Mayor of this great city.

The fact is they had to fabricate a case against her because the real reasons are politically embarrassing for them - that they are anti-transformation and she was too busy implementing their promise to fix the apartheid spatial plan and integrate our city. They didn’t really mean what they promised. 

The DA may have been uncomfortable with De Lille’s commitment to a more just and equitable society but the President recognised her GOOD work as Mayor and her work to build a more inclusive society when he appointed her Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure. 

Slowly but surely the DA and their shenanigans will be exposed. In the meantime De Lille is focused on contributing to building our country and its economy to deliver a spatially, socially and economically just South Africa. 

Stay tuned for more blue lies to be exposed.

Issued by Brett Herron on behalf of GOOD, 10 July 2019