New dawn didn't come under Ramaphosa, dusk settled instead – Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus leader says President has deceived people into thinking he intends to put an end to fraud and corruption

New dawn did not come under Ramaphosa, dusk settled instead

27 August 2020

The widespread corruption during the current Covid-19 lockdown period demonstrates that the "new dawn" of eradicating corruption did not break for South Africa as President Cyril Ramaphosa had promised with his inauguration.

It looks much more like dusk has settled for the country instead.

The extent of the fraud and corruption is so wide-ranging that the President himself admitted that the ANC is accused number one when it comes to corruption in the country.

When the relief package of R500 billion for the pandemic was announced, the President made it very clear that he will ensure that none of the funds are misappropriated.

That simple statement already points to the fact that the President already knew at that time that there will probably be extensive corruption and looting of the money – which was indeed the case. That raises the question of what the President did to prevent the looting knowing that corruption will be a serious threat.

The evidence of the seriousness of the corruption that is now coming to light shows that nothing was done to prevent it.

The President has deceived the people into thinking that he intends to put an end to fraud and corruption. He was just paying lip service.

Issued by Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader, 27 August 2020