No-show Zuma a sign ANC is dead – DA ECape

Nqaba Bhanga says by contrast DA-led govt in NMB is making great strides

No-show Zuma a sign that the ANC is dead

President Jacob Zuma’s non-appearance at an empty Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) national government event is a clear sign that the people of Nelson Mandela Bay and the Eastern Cape no longer care for the ANC’s lies and looting.

The 2016 Local Government Elections ushered in a new beginning and new DA-led coalition government for the people of NMB.

Since being sworn in, Mayor Athol Trollip with his capable and hardworking team have changed the lives of the people of NMB, especially the poor. Gone are the days of empty promises and criminal politics that placed politics before the people.

In the last 18 months, the DA-led coalition government in NMB has fulfilled many of its commitments. In the short time since the elections, the DA-led NMB government has managed to:

Connect 12 000 residents to running water and toilets for the first time;

Create 4 000 much-needed job opportunities;

Make NMB safer by introducing a Metro Police Department;

Stop officials from flying business and first class; and

Award 1 800 youth bursaries worth R34 million

This is only the beginning for NMB. The ANC is dead.

We are working day and night to do even more for the people of NMB, and we are criss-crossing the Eastern Cape to free the people of the province from the ANC’s lies and looting.

The people of the Eastern Cape deserve a new beginning under a DA-led government that always puts them first.

South Africans are readying themselves for a future without the ANC. The DA is the only party that can deliver a new beginning and build a better South Africa.

Statement issued by Nqaba Bhanga, DA Eastern Cape Provincial Leader, 25 November 2017