Supra like a cat on a hot tin roof after Zuma resignation – Joe McGluwa

DA NWest leader says it seems Premier now understands the saying: you are judged by company you keep

NW Premier is like a cat on a hot tin roof after Zuma resigned

20 February 2018

The Democratic Alliance is both surprised and amused by Premier Supra Mahumapelo’s sudden requests for forensic audits into the Provincial Health Department and calling for lifestyle audits.

It is, however, a little too late and he is clearly playing to the gallery on the eve of his State of the Province Address (SOPA) this Friday, 23 February 2018.

We also welcome his request for lifestyle audits of officials and accounting officers – we suggest he starts the process with an audit of him and his family’s lifestyles.

It is clear the Premier is feeling the heat and that he now fully starts to comprehend the saying: You are judged by the company you keep.

The past two years he was very proud to blabber out his affiliation to the Gupta family. He praised the multi-million rand wedding in North West as an economic investment and could not see any wrongdoing when they landed at Waterkloof Military Airforce base.

Now the MEC of Health, Dr Magome Masike, will have to face the music after the DA started asking serious questions about the involvement of the Guptas in the Mediosa deal that cost the people millions.

While millions are dished out like lollipops to connected service providers, our hospitals and healthcare facilities are a disgrace.

In Mafikeng women and their newborn babies have to sleep on the floor in the maternity ward due to overcrowding. Rural clinics are hosted in dilapidated buildings without proper water supply, electricity and resources to render essential services to our people.

The pathetic state of affairs of the Department of Health is indicated in the Audit Report on the state of pharmaceuticals and it is reported that the medical depot experienced stock-outs of essential medicines due to delays in the procurement process at the depot, late payment of service providers, late deliveries by the suppliers and the department not imposing penalties for late deliveries.

We are disappointed that putting the department under administration has not brought about significant improvement in the overall performance of the Department.

It remains to be seen whether this department, being in intensive care since 2015, will now rise to the occasion.

The Premier is looking for scapegoats in the Department of Health while in fact he was supposed to oversee and manage the process.

Only the Democratic Alliance can bring Total Change to the North West. Total Change that ushers in a new beginning, where the people come first, service are delivered and jobs are created.

Issued by Joe McGluwaDA Constituency Head, Matlosana, 20 February 2018