Premier finally agrees to lifestyle audits on MECs – DA NWest

Freddy Sonakile wants info on firm that will be conducting the audit and what costs involved are

NW Premier Mokgoro finally agrees to commission lifestyle audits on MECs

15 October 2020

Note to Editors: Find attached soundbite in English by DA North West Spokesperson on Premier’s Office, Freddy Sonakile.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in North West noted Premier Mokgoro’s undertaking to institute lifestyle audits on all Members of his Executive Council (MECs).

In response to a follow-up question on his anti-corruption strategy during a question and answer session in the North West Provincial Legislature (NWPL) this week, the Premier indicated that he already commissioned the Provincial Treasury to set the process in motion.

We have previously called on the Premier to institute independent lifestyle audits following large-scale corruption within various departments since the selection of his cabinet in 2019.

We will write to the MEC of Finance, MotlapulaRosho, to request a detailed schedule of the audits including when the process will commence, all information on the firm that will be conducting the audit and what the costs involved are.

The DA will closely monitor this process to ensure that the Premier does not mislead the public with empty promises.

We again reiterate our view that the audit should be extended to all senior departmental officials and municipal accounting officers.

Issued by Freddy Sonakile,DA North West Spokesperson on Premier's Office, 15 October 2020