Our comment on NUMSA's expulsion from COSATU - SACP

Party says its supports Federation's upholding and defence of its founding organisational principle of ‘one industry one union'

Statement on the state of Cosatu

8 November 2014

The SACP has noted reports that the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) has taken a decision to expel the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) from the Federation.

The SACP has not been officially informed by Cosatu on the outcomes of the Friday'smeeting of its Central Executive Committee and is yet to meet with Cosatu since the matter came out in public. However, on Monday, 10 November our Political Bureau is convening its ordinary monthly plenary session, and would among others reflect on the state of the labour movement and, if needs be, release a statement thereafter.

For the record, the SACP finds it necessary to reiterate its positions on the challenges facing Cosatu. The SACP has full confidence in Cosatu's capacity to resolve whatever internal challenges it may face from time to time. The SACP further fully respects Cosatu's independence, and we will not interfere in its internal organisational affairs.

With regards to organised workers and the working class in general, the SACP has always called and worked for, and will continue to work for solidarity, principled and disciplined unity, rather than competition amongst workers and Cosatu affiliates. We further fully support and respect Cosatu's upholding and defence of its founding organisational principles of ‘one industry one union'.

Statement issued by SACP, November 8 2014

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