PODCAST: Time to Arrest Officials for Lack of Water Provision in Limpopo

Benji Shulman talks to Ariella Scher about legal moves against acting municipal manager of Sekhukhune District Municipality

Time to Arrest Officials for Lack of Water Provision in Limpopo   

5 August 2020

Residents from villages of the Sekhukhune District Municipality headed to court this week over continued lack of provision of water by the municipality. The village’s water supply was cut off and not been restored since 2014.

Over time they have successfully approached the courts on a number of occasions to rectify the situation. Despite their legal successes however the municipality has consistently ignored the directives from the court. This situation has put members of the community at risk as they have been attacked by crocodiles   collecting water from the nearby rivers. The health risks have only multiplied with the onset of the corona virus.

The Centre for Applied Legal Studies (CALS), who is representing the villages, are asking the courts for an increased legal sanction this time around. This includes the arrest and punitive costs against the acting municipal manager. Ariella Scher, litigation attorney in the Home, Land & Rural Democracy programme at (CALS), spoke on 101.9 Chai FM about the case and its importance from a strategic legal perspective. The program also touches on the some of the challenges facing legal students wanting to study overseas in the current moment.

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