KZN police boss allegedly kidnapped 50 police officers – Zwakele Mncwango

DA PC says officers reportedly tied with cable ties, interrogated and then left without food or water

DA to approach IPID after KZN Police Commissioner allegedly kidnaps police officers

17 April 2019

It has come to the DA's attention that the Provincial Police Commissioner, Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, allegedly kidnapped and illegally arrested around fifty police officers who were peacefully handing over a memorandum of demands to the office of the Commissioner.

The affected officers were allegedly unhappy over the appointment of politically connected junior staff in the police service. If proven true, these allegations are a major setback in the realisation of a professional service as it disadvantages competent officers from being appointed to positions in which they qualify.

Reports allege that the kidnapped officers were tied with cable ties, interrogated and then left without food or water from 3pm till 2am the next day. From someone who is tasked with protecting all citizens from unlawful infringements of their rights, the Police Commissioner’s actions are distasteful and totally unacceptable.

Though his actions, Commissioner Mkhwananzi has proven himself incapable of promoting internal cohesion in the police service. His decision to order the National Intervention Unit to arrest police officers in the Provincial Unit, creates despondency and mistrust in law enforcement agencies.

The Democratic Alliance will be writing to the independent Police Investigative Department (IPID) to request an urgent investigation into these allegations . We also expect the Minister of Police to urgently take up this matter.

South Africa is not a banana republic where one can use state resources to unlawfully arrest people. Such lawlessness cannot be allowed to continue as it further entrenched mistrust between the police service and the police service. It is now makes sense why Commissioner Mkhwananzi has fought hard to prevent Members of Parliament from doing oversights across the Province, he definitely has something to hide.

The ANC and its deployees have failed the police force. Instead of improving police officer’s working conditions, they have resorted to arresting them instead.

A DA government will prioritise the establishment of a professional police service that is well resourced and trained to protect all citizens for a better South Africa for All.

Issued by Zwakele MncwangoKZN Premier Candidate, 17 April 2019