Pompeo: Domestic affairs of SAA are for South Africans to resolve – EFF

Fighters say expropriation of land seeks to undo a fundamental sin against African people

EFF statement on the senseless utterances by the US Secretary of Sate Mike Pompeo on land expropriation

20 February 2020

The EFF notes the senseless -warning' by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on South Africa's plan to expropriate land without compensation. Pompeo says that expropriation without compensation would be catastrophic for the South African economy and the country's population'.

Pompeo's utterances are consistent with the imperialist logic that seeks to parent the world, so as to maintain its firm grip as a superpower that holds policy direction for all nations 
subservient to it.

The expropriation of land in South Africa seeks to undo a fundamental sin against African people. It is legislation that will address the racist spatial planning of the country, as well as collapse the monopoly the white minority has over the agricultural and mineral economy. To expropriate land without compensation is to reverse the gains and prosperity of crime, something that the United States is too guilty to comprehend.

It is the United States complicity in the violence that De Klerk references when he justifies his claims that Apartheid was not a crime against humanity. It is the regime of Pompeo and Trump that detains minors at the border of Mexico, separating families and jailing children like animals. It is the regime of Pompeo that that has unjustly declared Jerusalem as a capital of Israel, undermining the land rights of and independence of Palestinians. Pompeo and Trump are the ones who most recently took the world to the brink of World War 3. because of their very colonialist. parental and parasitic attitude towards nations in the Middle East.

We are therefore not shocked that a Secretary of a destructive United States would be against calls for justice and the restoration of the dignity of black South Africans. South Africa's economy is dwindling into nothingness under a capitalist economy pioneered by the US. It is the culture of monopoly and dependency on foreign direct investment that Pompeo wants South Africa to be beholden to. In Pompeo's feeble mind, South Africa and Africa, in general, is incapable of conducting its own affairs, and he mischievously quotes the economic deterioration of nations such as Zimbabwe and Tanzania, while omitting the fact that it is economic terrorism through sanctions and trade embargoes that undermined and continue to undermine socialist alternative economies.

Pompeo needs to understand that we do not account to the United States and our policy directives are not going to fall into his capitalist logic. Instead of meddling in the affairs of Africa, he must focus on stopping the war the US is waging on African-Americans and Mexicans. The domestic affairs of South Africa are for South Africans to resolve, the United States has too much blood on its hands to act as a leader of world and Africa.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 20 February 2020