PSA condemns DA’s attack on public servants

Union appalled at level to which opposition will stoop during this time

PSA condemns DA’s attack on public servants

13 August 2020

The Public Servants Association (PSA) has warned the Democratic Alliance (DA) not to play with the livelihood and rights of public servants to score political points.

The PSA, representing more than 240 000 public servants, in May 2020, also called on the DA to refrain from attacking public servants as South Africa has legislation in place that governs the rights of all citizens, including public servants. 

The information sought by the DA from the Minister of Public Service and Administration on the number of public servants receiving salaries whilst at home during COVID-19 lockdown was thought to be purely for statistical purposes. It, however, later transpired that the DA wanted to score political points at the expense of public servants.

The PSA warns the DA that the Union will not allow any political party to use the livelihood and income of public servants to advance a political agenda. The regulations that were issued in respect of COVID-19 are clear. In addition, the employment relationship between the State and its employees is governed by legislation that cannot be discarded to feed the whims of a political party such as the DA.

The PSA is appalled at the level to which the DA will stoop during a time where the country is in desperate need of stability in employment. Public servants remain at the frontline of combatting the COVID-19 pandemic, with many of them already having lost their lives in the line of duty. This despite, not receiving dismal salary increases that were due to them in April 2020 already. The DA clearly does not have any regard or understanding for the hardships suffered in many communities and their need for the services provided by public servants on behalf of the State.  

The PSA again sponsors free legal advice to the DA. If public servants are not required to work, owing to the nature of the work and/or because of lockdown restrictions under lockdown, it is not their fault that they could not execute their duties. Public servants are remunerated during the lockdown period as contained in their employment contracts and misguided attacks are out of place and speak of ignorance

Issued by PSA, 13 August 2020