PP findings on RTMC welcomed – NEHAWU

Report reveals CEO acted improperly in appointing legal firms and lawyers to conduct disciplinary cases against workers

NEHAWU welcomes Public Protector findings on RTMC

9 October 2019

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union [NEHAWU] welcomes the findings of the Public Protector on the Road Traffic Management Corporation [RTMC].

Last year our members submitted a memorandum highlighting issues of corruption and maladministration against the CEO and his executive including outstanding grievances that the RTMC management failed to resolve. As NEHAWU, we are vindicated by the findings by the Public Protector because we have been at the forefront of raising issues related to irregular appointment of service providers, improper recruitment of staff and corruption.

The report of the public protector reveals that the CEO of the RTMC acted improperly in appointing legal firms and lawyers to conduct disciplinary cases against workers even though the RTMC had existing contracts with other law firms. These lawyers appointed by the corporation has been used by the CEO to victimise our members for raising the mismanagement taking place within the institution. At one stage RTMC management appointed a Senior Council to preside over a disciplinary case of a junior staff member for a simple matter of a lost memory stick.

The CEO has been running the corporation with an iron fist and went out of his way to intimidate and victimise our members with an intention to silence them. In this regard, we call for his suspension while he is still waiting for his disciplinary hearing. Our view is that he might temper with evidence if he continues to be present at the corporation while these matter have not been put to rest.

The national union will urgently seek a meeting with the Minister of Transport to raise sharply the injustices suffered by our members and workers at the RTMC which includes the following:

- Lack of capacity and will to resolve the outstanding Grievances and worker issues as attached on COSATU memorandum.

- Creating a toxic culture characterised by divisions, unfairness, favouritism, inequity and injustice

- None adherence to policies and other democratic processes which seeks to promote Labour peace, fairness, equality, good ethical practice.

- Outsourcing

- Unfair labour practice and discrimination

- Victimization, harassment and bullying of workers and shop stewards 

NEHAWU is totally opposed to all forms of corruption and will work tirelessly to uproot it wherever it rears its ugly head.

Issued by Khaya Xaba, National Spokesperson, NEHAWU, 9 October 2019