R1.564m budget for Community Police Forums welcomed – Albert Fritz

Minister says during the lockdown, CPFs and NHWs have played an invaluable role in supporting communities

MEC Albert Fritz welcomes R1.564 million budget for Community Police Forums

5 August 2020

The Minister of Community Safety, Albert Fritz, welcomes the Department’s efforts to support and sustain Community Police Forums (CPF) in the Western Cape. Following the adjustment budget for the 2020/21 financial year, a balance of R1.564 million is available to support this programme, which will largely be utilized for the Expanded Partnership Programme (EPP).

During 2019/20 financial year, 142 CPFs and 7 Cluster Boards signed the EPP Transfer Payment Agreements (TPA), totalling at 149 TPAs signed. A further 127 CPF structures submitted EPP reports during the financial year, tallying at a combined total of 836 EPP reports for the period under review.

Minister Fritz said, “I have met with the Acting Head of Department and resolved that TPAs can be entered into with CPFs that have had valid electoral Annual General Meetings (AGM), where those that have been elected have been vetted by SAPS, and the results were subsequently certified by both SAPS and DoCS. To date, 65 CPFs have held valid electoral AGMs, of which 21 of the AGMs have been certified. At the same time, the review and assessment of the funding model is to be undertaken in light of our direction towards a service orientated department.”

Minister Fritz continued, “During the lockdown, CPFs and NHWs have played an invaluable role on the ground in supporting communities. They championed soup kitchens and related charitable initiatives to support vulnerable individuals. I wish to acknowledge their important and necessary contribution to uplifting communities.”

Of the amount allocated to the Department through the adjustment budget, R6.8 million will be earmarked for NHWs.

Minister Fritz said, “I further wish to commend CPFs on their support of the Department’s NHW Covid-19 relief programme. This programme is responsible for creating behavioural change at places of gathering and CPFs have been a critical partner in its implementation.” 

Issued by Cayla Ann Tomás Murray, Spokesperson for Minister Albert Fritz, 5 August 2020