Ramaphosa and ANC leave NWest leaderless – Joe McGluwa

DA PL says President's interventions have done nothing to fix what was broken

Ramaphosa and ANC leave North West leaderless

30 May 2018

The ANC and Ramaphosa are dragging their feet and allowing factional politics to get in the way of brining some stability to the North West.

While they are conducting meetings and using delay tactics to evade dealing with the root of the problems here, the province remains leaderless.

The infighting, lack of consequence management and factionalism have destroyed the North West. Every day Ramaphosa and the ANC fail to take accountability for the ANC’s role in the collapse, our people are suffering without proper services and the prospect for economic growth here.

Communities are battling without jobs and there is no investor confidence that is imperative to boost the economy here. Instead, corruption, late payments of contractors and tender irregularities remain the order of the DA.

Ramaphosa's interventions have done nothing to fix what was broken under many years of ANC neglect.

The health system is in shambles and government social workers are striking for months now. The ANC fails to put in the time and energy to get these important departments running again. While they are trying to keep up ANC appearances, there is a huge shortage of medicines and resources at government hospitals and clinics.

The deep rot in the province was caused and sustained under the Premiership of Supra Mahumapelo and endorsed by the ANC.

North West will only rebuild when Change comes to the province - Change that only the DA can bring.

Issued by Joe McGluwa, DA North West Provincial Leader, 30 May 2018