Respect and discipline should serve as premise to combat GBV – Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus says there seems to be no self-respect, no respect for others or our differences

Respect and discipline should serve as premise to combat gender violence

18 September 2019

The lack of mutual respect and discipline is the root cause of gender violence in South Africa. Contributing factors, like incompetence and corruption in the police service and the criminal justice system, have made the problem even worse.

Since President Cyril Ramaphosa's very first State of the Nation Address (SONA), the FF Plus has reiterated many times that the president of the country has an obligation when it comes to nation building.

And yet since 1994, the Afrikaner has been oppressed in various ways, like having their language undermined.

The reason why this happens, which is also related to gender violence, is that there is an absolute lack of respect. There seems to be no self-respect, no respect for others or our differences.

The latest crime statistics on murder indicate that the main cause of domestic violence and murder in South Africa is disagreements and arguments. One cannot help but wonder what example the South African Parliament is setting for the public as regards resolving disagreements.

Concerning the criminal justice system, criminals clearly have no respect for the police, the courts or correctional services. These institutions have failed the people of South Africa. The main reason for this is corruption.

It is general knowledge that police members, prosecutors and magistrates can easily be bribed. When a person ends up in prison, it also does not mean the end of his criminal activities. He merely continues to commit crime, but from a protected position.

Decisive action is needed to eradicate corruption and get rid of all the rotten apples in the criminal justice system.

A recommendation for how to improve the police service is to reinstitute specialist units, specifically for violent crime. A unit, like the former murder and theft unit, that addresses violent crime effectively will surely bring about an attitude change.

Today's court ruling that prohibits corporal punishment for children at home is ironic. Where does that leave discipline and respect? The FF Plus says that a good hiding, at the right time and administered the right way, will serve to maintain discipline and cultivate respect.

Respect and discipline need to be cultivated and not enforced when it is already too late.

Issued by Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader, 18 September 2019