Reverse racism doesn't exist - Dean Hutton

White 'Fuck White People' artist says concept is a fantasy of white people

'F**k White People' artist tells FF+ to stay away from art critique

Cape Town - Artist Dean Hutton has said that the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) should avoid criticising art after the political party called for the removal of Hutton's Fuck White People installation at the National Art Gallery.

“It would probably be best for political parties like the FF Plus to continue to use platforms such as theirs to create false hope for a white homeland in Africa and stay away from art criticism,” Hutton, who is white, told News24.

FF Plus leader Dr Pieter Groenewald said in a statement on Friday that the installation was racist and spurred racial tension.

According to Hutton, reverse racism does not exist.

“I would like to remind the good doctor that the reverse of racism is love, and celebration of difference. 'Reverse Racism' is a fantasy of white people who are keen to experience the kinds of oppression that they have used against indigenous people of this country,” Hutton said.

‘Compromising humanity’

Hutton hoped that the exhibition would open white people’s eyes to indoctrination.

“I am sure that many, and in particular the young people in your communities, have begun to wake from the indoctrination of white supremacy and are ready to learn to fuck the white in them too,” Hutton said.

“Those that are tired of compromising their humanity in exchange for the stolen benefits of 500 years of white supremacy, colonialism and genocide are welcome to email me at [email protected].org."

In a reply to Hutton, Groenewald told News24 that the artist should’ve expected critique.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as well as the artist. If your artwork is offensive, and intended to [be offensive], as the artist mentions in the label, you must expect critique and reaction and not think that only an artist has the knowledge to criticise the work,” Groenewald said.

The National Art Gallery is yet to respond to request for comment.