Farm attack gang were out on parole – TAU SA

Two of five had already been sentenced for armed robbery, but were out pending appeal

Revisit the current parole system

28 August 2017

TAU SA is very happy with the arrest of five persons in connection with a farm attack near Tzaneen. According to the police, the five persons who were arrested are all members of a syndicate specialising in farm attacks.

The Deputy President of TAU and Chairman of the Safety and Security Committee, Mr Henry Geldenhuys extends his congratulations to the police.  “The mere fact that they also refer to a syndicate confirms the repeated TAU SA view that farms attacks are organised crime and not ‘normal crime’ as the police often says.  We therefore hope that the police are not considering the arrest as the final step, but that they will initiate further investigations to identify those behind the syndicate”.

Two of the five are currently out on parole after having been sentenced for armed robbery.  Mr Geldenhuys says this indicates a willingness of the judicial system to release unrehabilitated criminals too early thus allowing them to become involved with crime again.

“We are very concerned that the persons may again apply for bail which will put them back in circulation prior to being tried.  It should seriously be considered to introduce a system which will ensure that persons with previous convictions may not be considered for bail.  The Prosecuting Authority surely won’t arrest and charge somebody if they are not convinced that they are able to prove a case beyond reasonable doubt”, Mr Geldenhuys said.

Issued by Henry Geldenhuys, Deputy President TAU SA, 28 August 2017