Rogue Unit: The plot is thickening – ICTU

Union says Tiso Blackstar Group has thrown its former investigative journalists under the bus

Tiso Blackstar Group hidden hand revealed in light of the TRUTH currently revealed by Mr. Piet Rampedi

9 July 2019

ICTU has noted the recent interview where former Tiso Blackstar Group employee Mr. Piet Rampedi revealed that he was “literally hounded for five years and still” in doing his journalist work which he was paid to do. In the very same day, another former Tiso Blackstar Group Mr. Mzilikazi we Afrika posted on Twitter that the pair is still being followed. ICTU is of the firm view that since the public Protector’s recent report on Minister Gordhan and SARS Rogue Unit, the plot is thickening.

ICTU has placed it on record in recent interview with Mail and Guardian newspaper that it believed that Tiso Blackstar Group has thrown its former investigative journalist under the bus in pursuit of profits and political expediency.

Sadly, this part of the interview didn’t make it to print. It is important to note that this view was raised long before Public Protector Report.

It may come as a shock to some but not ICTU that Tiso Blackstar Group has sold their truth to the highest bidder. In defense of its shenanigans, it has threatened Mr. Piet Rampedi with legal proceedings.

The union will consider joining the legal proceedings should Tiso Blackstar Group act on their legal treats, as friends of the Court. The Union has vested in the proceedings in defense of the Journalist.

On the separate but related matter, the Union has noted Minister Gordhan tersely response, through his lawyer, as another desperate attempt to further tarnish Public Protector character without dealing with substantive issues raised.

Just as recent as last week, ICTU noted, once more the puppet in a show in the name of Ivan Pillay and Johan Van Rensburg legal threats to the office of the Public Protector. In all this, all characters in the SARS Rogue Unit play, their intentions is to subvert public attention to the misdemeanor of once hailed as holly cows in the kraal in unlawful pursuit of former President, Mr. Jacob Zuma.

ICTU appeals that all parties, including Tiso Blackstar Group and Minister Gordhan should tell nothing but the truth so that the country should resume its economic recovery journey.

Concurrently, ICTU believe it’s only correct that the Minister should resign from public office with immediate effect and pursue clearing his name without tainting further the image of the office he occupies and that of the country.

Issued by Thabang Mothelo, ICTU Media Officer, 9 July 2019