SARS must investigate Malema - FF+

Anton Alberts says ANC should take drastic measures against ANCYL president


The FF Plus will be asking the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to immediately investigate Mr. Julius Malema, The ANC Youth League's income and his real contribution to tax during the past number of years.

Minister Pravin Gordhan said in his Budget Speech that the revenue service will in future also do lifestyle audits. According to SARS they now have the technology to compare people's lifestyles with the income they declare for tax purposes. It includes SARS comparing bank accounts, medical schemes, insurance policies as well as properties and travel claims.

According to some sources Mr. Malema's income is R20 000 a month. The English daily The Star (19/02/2010) reported that Mr. Malema has two properties with a combined value of nearly R5 million as well as a number of motor vehicles. He is also the director of four companies. If all the information is correct, then Mr. Malema maintains a lifestyle which is far above his income. A comprehensive investigation by the South African Revenue Service will indicate whether this deduction is reasonable.

It is time that Malema realises that he is bound by the South African Constitution and all the tax and other legislation of South Africa . He can not, just like Stalin give himself out to be a communist who want to nationalise mines but at the same time live like a capitalist. The FF Plus won't tolerate it.

The ANC as an organisation will also have to take drastic measures to stop Malema and to discipline him. In fact, the ANC has previously indicated that they were going to discipline him after his fight with the SACP's Jeremy Cronin. The FF Plus would like to know what has happened to that process.

Statement issued by Adv. Anton Alberts, Freedom Front Plus Parliamentary Spokesperson, February 22 2010

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