Brett Herron seeks to join legal action to clear his name

GOOD SG waiting to hear from lawyers over remedies he can take over Bowmans report

Herron seeks to join legal action to clear his name 

4 August 2019

Brett Herron, the  former City of Cape Town's MAYCO member  for Transport has instructed attorneys to investigate claims that Bowmans Attorneys provided a report to Cape Town Council in 2018 that contained “fabrications ”, “deliberate misrepresentations” and comprised “unethical conduct” by the law firm.

In the highly disputed Bowman report Herron was accused, among other things, of corruption and unethical behaviour.

In his statement issued yesterday (Sunday August 4) Herron, who is currently Secretary General of the  GOOD Party and member of Western Cape Parliament said: "In light of the Cape Times report (Friday, 2 August 2019) “Whitehead gives City Two Weeks to rescind report” my attorneys have asked for a copy of the Whitehead complaint to the Legal Practice Council.

The Cape Times report said that suspended CIty Transport Commissioner, Melissa Whitehead had uncovered information that found Bowmans guilty of “misrepresentation”, “manipulation” and “plainly fraudulent practice” when they prepared their report to Council in October 2018.

"The same report attempted, I would submit,"  says Herron, "in a contrived way, to implicate me in wrongdoing. As I have always maintained the report draws inferences and reaches conclusions not supported by the evidence provided about issues that were never put to me.

Once my attorneys have received the complaint and evidence from Whitehead’s attorneys they will advise me whether to join the complaint lodged with the Legal Practice Council and what other legal remedies are available to me, including, remedies against the City of Cape Town.

Issued by Brett Herron, Secretary General, GOOD, 4 August 2019