Solidarity warns Chamber of Mines against going for a lockout

Union says this would lead to a brutal strike by aggrieved miners of other unions in gold mining industry

Gold industry: Chamber of Mines loses moral and ethical compass

The Chamber of Mines has broken its agreement with Solidarity after declaring a stalemate in negotiations for mineworkers in the gold industry this morning. The Chamber therefore failed to give Solidarity presentations on the various mining houses' secret gain-sharing schemes this morning. Neither did the Chamber give feedback on Solidarity's request for an extension until the end of next week in order to consult its members on the Chamber's final offer.

Gideon du Plessis, General Secretary of Solidarity, said the Chamber gave collective bargaining a deathblow by refusing to negotiate with Solidarity who was still committed to a negotiated settlement. ‘It is clear that the Chamber was following the lockout route which could lead to a brutal strike by aggrieved miners of other unions. The Chamber will probably make the announcement at a press conference this afternoon.'

Solidarity urgently appeals to the Chamber not to take any drastic steps that could undermine collective bargaining and unions acting in good faith.

Statement issued by Gideon du Plessis, General Secretary: Solidarity, August 29 2013

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