Solomon Mahlangu had nothing to do with the EFF - SACP

Party says martyred MK cadre's family is back at the court to press ahead with the interdict against the Fighters

SACP‎ fully supports the rights of Comrade Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu's family

The South African Communist Party (SACP) fully supports the family of the late Comrade Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu's application to interdict the "economic freedom fighters" (EFF) from gathering and propagating their shenanigans in the name of their son. 

Comrade Solomon Mahlangu was a stalwart of our struggle for national liberation, member of the African National Congress and uMkhonto we Sizwe combatant. He had no relationship whatsoever and nothing to do with the EFF. Above all, the rights of his family on matters involving his name must be respected!!

Consistent with its DNA of disrespect, the EFF refused to accord the Mahlangu family the respect it deserves and undermined the family and its authority on matters involving his name.

‎The North Gauteng High Court today interdicted the EFF in terms of the urgent relief sought by the Mahlangu family. The court later rescinded the decision, based on technical grounds and NOT the substance of the matter. 

The family is back at the court now to press ahead with the interdict having fulfilled the requirements of the technical points that resulted in the court withdrawing the interdict it had earlier granted.

The SACP is calling on our alliance partners and other formations of our broader democratic movement to close ranks and unite behind the Mahlangu family.

Statement issued by the SACP, 15 April 2016