South Africans are rapidly losing trust in SAPS – John Steenhuisen

DA says survey shows people are not living their lives to the fullest due to fear of crime

Victims of Crime Survey reveals South Africans are rapidly losing trust in SAPS

11 October 2018

The most recent Victims of Crime Survey, released by Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) today, reveal that South Africans are now losing trust in the South African Police Service (SAPS) at an alarming rate, and are increasingly being prevented from living their lives to the fullest by a fear of crime.

According to the report over half of South Africans fail to report incidents of housebreakings to the police because they do not believe that the police can do anything about it.

One in three South Africans are prevented from enjoying open spaces due to a fear of falling victim to a crime. This fear also prevents 17% of respondents from allowing their children to play outside, 14% of respondents from walking to town or the shops, and 11% of respondents from dressing how they want.

South Africans clearly also seem to have a complete and utter lack of faith in the SAPS’ ability to be there for them in an emergency: only a quarter of respondents now believe that the police will respond to an emergency in less than 30 minutes, while more than 1 in 10 report they don’t believe the police will arrive at all.

South Africans deserve to live in neighbourhoods that are safe, and to trust in a responsive, well-trained, honest police service. The right to freedom and security of the person, as well as to human dignity, is enshrined in our Constitution. The ANC national government has been unable to secure these fundamental rights and has proven that they are incapable of fighting crime.

The SAPS need proper equipment, training and adequate staff to protect the people, and they are not receiving these necessary resources. Our communities have become war-zones as a result of their neglect.

The DA is committed to building One South Africa for All, where the government prioritise the safety of all by ensuring the SAPS is honest and professional.

Issued by John Steenhuisen, DA Team One South Africa spokesperson on Crime, 11 October 2018