Stage four load shedding shocking – Cape Chamber

Janine Myburgh says this is very serious and it will affect commerce and industry

Shocked by load shedding

11 February 2019

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is shocked by the sudden dramatic increase in load shedding.

“How is it possible for six units to go down at the same time?” asked Ms Janine Myburgh, President of the Chamber. “It is just too much of a co-incidence and we must ask if this is not another case of sabotage?”

Sabotage was blamed for a previous bout of load shedding, but the form it took was never explained to the public, except for workers who prevented coal deliveries from taking place.

“Stage Four load shedding is very serious indeed and it will affect commerce and industry. This will also affect the jobs of other workers, especially in heavy industry and it is time that workers whose jobs are at risk raised their voices,” Ms Myburgh said.

She also pointed out that the new crisis would affect businesses confidence “and I can see foreign investor turning away and looking elsewhere for investment opportunities.”

To make matters worse the blow has come in the middle of the tourist season and at a vital time for agriculture, two of our most important industries.

In the long term it would also mean more businesses and home owners making decisions to go off grid leading to further problems for Eskom and its staff.

Issued by Dean Le Grange, Media and Digital Co-ordinator, Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 11 February 2019