Summit resolved to remain committed to EWC - ANC KZN PTT

Provincial Conference will take place this coming Thursday, 19-21 July 2018 at the Durban University of Technology-Sport Centre



The African National Congress KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Task Team (PTT) held its ordinary meeting on the 16th of July 2018 to look at the political programme and developments.

In accordance with the tradition and practice of the ANC, the PTT received and discussed the political overview presented by the Provincial Convenor, Cde Mike Mabuyakhulu and an organizational work update report presented by the Provincial Coordinator, Cde Sihle Zikalala. 

The PTT meeting was characterized by high levels of discipline and robust engagements. The meeting assessed the political situation in the province and received an update on the tasks it mandated the Convenor and Coordinator to deal with including among others political engagement with the comrades who took the movement to court last month resulting to the 8th ANC Provincial Conference being aborted, preparations for the coming National General elections in 2019 and various governance matters.


The African National Congress Provincial Task Team convened a successful Land Summit last week where it reflected on the land question which has been, for centuries, the key element in the historic National Democratic Revolution in South Africa and throughout the continent.

The summit resolved to remain deeply committed to the resolutions of the 54th National Conference which strongly advocated for expropriation of land without compensation. It is our considered view, as a movement, that the land question remains fundamental and central to our struggle for economic emancipation. 

The struggle for land redistribution in South Africa is an integral part of the reconstruction and development of our country as such the PTT resolved that from tomorrowWednesday, 18 July 2018, which is the day for the public hearings on section 25 of the Republic of South Africa Constitution in our province, members of the ANC should participate in this important process.

The ANC members will be deployed in all regions where the hearings will be hosted to ensure that this most profound question of the modern period of our revolution is tackled in a cogent, logical manner intended to achieve a more equitable and inclusive society

We call on all people of KwaZulu-Natal to seize the opportunity created by the National Parliament and actively participate in all public hearings on the land question. The struggling people and toiling masses of South Africa and KwaZulu-Natal in particular places their hopes and aspirations on the quality of leadership to be provided by their organisation in addressing the legacy of colonialism and apartheid.

The land question remains at the centre of that struggle. The ANC will continue to engage with the traditional leadership, including His Majesty, King Goodwill Zwelithini in an effort to build an overarching consensus on the best modalities to address this emotive issue of land redistribution. 


The National Dispute Resolution Committee (NDRC) led by Deputy Secretary-General Cde Jessie Duarte recently visited the province and dealt with appeals and grievances from the Lower South Coast, Moses Mabhida and Harry Gwala Region. The NDRC remained in the province until all appeals and grievance were adequately addressed.

The PTT implemented the NDRC decision which relates to the complaints, disputes raised on the preparation of the Provincial Conference. All the decisions of the NDRC were collectively implemented and processed by the PTT deployees, the National and Provincial Organising Teams in the three mentioned regions. These regions have RTTs established, that are working together with the PTT in ensuring that all preparations for the regional conferences are done properly and all is above board as per the constitution of the ANC.


The PTT is humbled by the commendation and support it received from the NEC in resolving all issues of disputes and building unity among the members of the ANC.

In the past few weeks, the Convenor and Coordinator as tasked by the PTT met regularly with the comrades who took the ANC to court and finally agreed on an out of court settlement. We engaged on different issues that were a stumbling block to the progress of the movement. The issues were resolved to pave the way for the conference.

Of course it was not an easy exercise but we were encouraged by the level of maturity and the foresightedness of the Comrades, while there may have been certain areas of different interpretation of certain events which is normal for a living organism like the ANC, we are united as ANC Cadres in building a strong and united organization, we are united behind a common vision to see our movement claiming back its greatness as the leader of the society and leading our people towards a national democratic society. 


In the meeting held on 16 July 2018, the PTT reviewed the final preparation for the Provincial Conference. The ANC KZN 8th Provincial Conference was initially scheduled to be held last weekend but due to the need to ensure high level and beyond reproach logistical arrangements and to build more consensus, the conference was rescheduled. We are very excited that the ANC members found common ground hence the reconvening of the conference. The PTT is equally positive that no issues are left unattended hence the reconvening of the conference.

Accordingly, the Provincial Conference will take place this coming Thursday, 19-21 July 2018 at the Durban University of Technology-Sport Centre in Steve Biko Campus. The registration process will began at 08H00 to 13H00 and the official opening of the conference expected at 14H00.

As the members of the ANC, we view this conference as a critical platform in building a united ANC in KwaZulu-Natal. We will use the occasion of the conference to sharpen the implementation of 54th National Conference resolutions, but also we will use the conference to examine areas of challenges that have plunged us into some hole in the recent past and emerge stronger and more united to confront all the ills that afflict and attempt to weaken our movement. 

Our conference will not be inward looking, as the ANC we are always conscious of the fact that we are the beacon of hope for society at large, the events of the past have been concerning to the people and we are now ready to reconnect with the people, be in touch and in sync with what they expect of the ANC as their parliament. This is a task bequeathed to us by successive generations of revolutionaries who led our people before and after the formation of the ANC.


TomorrowWednesday mark the birthday celebrations of former President Nelson Mandela. The 18th of July 2018, is the international Mandela Day and we are all expected to dedicate sometimes to the service of the communities. The ANC PTT calls upon all sectors of our society to use this occasion for building unity, cohesion and a caring society.

The ANC will mobilize society in celebrating the life of Cde Madiba by building the spirit of togetherness and promoting acts of goodwill amongst all its members. The ANC will continue to celebrate 100 years of former President Mandela and Mama Albertina Sisulu. The ANC characterized 2018 as the year of Nelson Mandela and Mama Albertina Sisulu. Both leaders would have turned 100 years this year. Throughout the year, the ANC leads centenary celebrations of Cde Madiba and Mama Sisulu to encourage members to draw lessons from the lives of these volunteers as formidable leaders of our glorious movement.


The PTT calls on all our members to remain focus on the revolutionary tasks of our glorious movement and to remain discipline in all what we do from now onwards. The fundamental task is to unite the organisation in pursuit of our primary objective of delivering a better life for all.


Statement issued by Cde Sihle Zikalala, ANC KZN PTT Coordinator, 17 July 2018