Supra’s failures need to be cleared out by Premier – DA NWest

Jacqueline Theologo says woes of former Premier's administration still haunt province

Supra’s failures need to be cleared out by Premier Job Mokgoro

30 August 2018

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the North West will next week hand over a memorandum to Premier Job Mokgoro to reaffirm its call on a reshuffle of his cabinet to rid it of people with clouds hanging over their heads.

The woes of Supra Mahumapelo’s administration still haunt our province. Supra, along with all his MECs, have a history of non-compliance and indifference towards the people of North West.

The DA has for the last six months submitted questions to highlight the corruption that took place under Supra’s tenure but to date has not received a satisfactory response.

This week we assessed all written questions submitted by the DA to various departments and it came to our attention that only 40% had been responded to, with some answers outstanding for as long as 175 days, whereas all questions for written response should be responded to within seven days of their appearance in a question paper.

The Departments under scrutiny are the Department of Health, Public Works and Roads as well as Education with no questions answered this year. Local Government and Human Settlements, a department where eight municipalities have been placed under administration, only answered one question this year.

The Premier should now show his political will to bring about a workable turnaround strategy to North West and fix the many problems caused by long-term corruption, mismanagement, poor governance and pure ignorance. He should act against cadres who fail to manage their departments.

It is clear that the people of North West need a government that will be responsive and accountable. Only a DA-led government can bring about a much-needed change to the people of this province.

Issued by Jacqueline TheologoDA North West Chief Whip, 30 August 2018