Thabo Kupa is a sycophant - YCL Gauteng

Vincent Masoga says the ANCYL provincial secretary is just kowtowing to Malema

YCL in the province of Gauteng calls order on the confusions and sycophantic kowtowing perpetuated by Thabo Kupa, outgoing ANCYL Gauteng Provincial Secretary

As the YCL-SA in the province of Gauteng we do not take in kind the current, mostly disturbing kowtowing tendencies as demonstrated by Thabo Kupa (see here). We deliberately hand pick him individually precisely because he has a tendency to purport his personal views to be those of the ANCYL and its broader membership, thereby taking them for granted. In his badly written, badly edited pseudo statement, released 21 February 2010, Thabo Kupa embarks on a factional witch hunting expedition and perpetuates the vitriolic attacks on the vanguard party of the working class, the SACP, its leadership and broader membership.

Thabo Kupa makes inferences that the leadership of the SACP is behind the current sensational media reports about the lifestyle of ANCYL president. Kupa goes further to label SACP membership as ‘yellow communists' and back to a dismally failed pre-Polokwane (ANC 52nd National Conference) R500 000 character assassination plot by one Willie Madisha and his handlers against SACP General Secretary.

Thabo Kupa's views expose the fact that in the run-up to Polokwane he was an appendage of a factional agenda that failed dismally. That Thabo Kupa steadfastly remains an adherent to the activities of this faction proves he is a MbeZuma of a worse kind and a factionalist who would stop at nothing to prove his worthiness in crisscrossing the lines of engagement.

We remain resolute that privatisation and the outsourcing of government functions not only serve to create a facilitative environment for corruption and self-enrichment, but also deepen inequality and economic exploitation of the masses of our people by a few. It is shame that South Africa has won the prize for an unequal society on earth fifteen years after the attainment of a democratic dispensation.

Our struggle is a struggle for the transfer of our country's resources and productive capacity back to the people as a whole. We shall not play double standards in this regard and would not like to be de-focused by individuals embedded in factional manoeuvres such as Thabo Kupa. At this stage we would not like to express further views about him and Mr Moneybags to whom he is apparently enslaved. We shall at an appropriate time return to Thabo Kupa's conduct as we reflect on revolutionary morality in the ANC-led National Liberation Movement.

As a matter of record, we wish to state in no uncertain terms that our support for SACP General Secretary Comrade Blade Nzimande and National Chairperson Comrade Gwede Mantashe, who is also ANC Secretary-General, remains firmly unshaken.  

Statement issued by Vincent Masoga, YCL Gauteng Publications Officer, February 22 2010

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