The conduct of ANC military veterans raise concerns – Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus says private army units are illegal and action should be taken against any sort of para-military conduct

The conduct of ANC military veterans raise concerns

11 April 2017  

"The actions of the ANC's MK veterans raise concerns and create the impression that it is a private army rather than an actual veterans organisation. The young age of some members that are part of the organization and who appear in uniforms and even handle firearms shows that they could certainly not be veterans and former members of uMkhonto we Sizwe,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus leader, says.

"Private army units are illegal and stringent action should be taken against this sort of para-military structures and conduct.

"It is also unacceptable that these 'veterans' are used to protect and defend Luthuli House as it means they are deployed operationally which is illegal. A military veterans’ organization's purpose is to support former soldiers on a social-welfare basis and not to be used for operational activities.

"The FF Plus will ask questions in parliament to the minister regarding the structure and utilization of the MK veterans," Dr. Groenewald said.

Issued by Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus Leader, 11 April 2017