The Rise and Demise of the Afrikaners

Collection of essays by Hermann Giliomee asks what future there is for this minority in SA

The Rise and Demise of the Afrikaners

Hermann Giliomee


South Africa’s acclaimed historian explains the spectacular rise – and probable demise – of the numerical minority that dominated 20th century South Africa.

The Afrikaners are unique in the world in that they successfully mobilised ethnic entrepreneurship without state assistance, controlled the entire country, and then yielded power without military defeat.

Award-winning author Hermann Giliomee, takes a hard analytical look at this group’s dramatic ascent and possible disappearance as a nation in a series of well-argued thematic chapters.

Topics range from ethnic entrepreneurship, political parties’ use of the ‘coloured vote’, ‘Bantu’ education, and the Rubicon speech to Nelson Mandela’s relationship with the last Afrikaner leaders. Finally, he examines the most likely future for this contentious group and the nature of its imprint on South Africa.


Hermann Giliomee is an internationally renowned historian. His bestselling Die Afrikaners was adapted into a documentary for kykNET in 2018, while the original English, The Afrikaners: Biography of a People, was published to acclaim both here and in the US and UK. It was described as ‘magisterial’ by The Economist,

He has been an associate at Yale, Cambridge and the Wilson Centre for International Scholars in Washington DC.

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