This prohibition will bring hunting industry to its knees - Agri SA

Govt has outlawed travelling across provincial borders and staying over on game farms for hunting

Suspending cross provincial hunting not the answer

Agri SA notes with concern the suspension of travelling across provincial borders and the prohibition on staying over on game farms for hunting. Hunting is a seasonal activity ending in August – and key to the financial survival of many farmers.

“The wildlife industry sustains the livelihood of thousands of people in rural areas. This will compound losses suffered by the prohibition of tourism and exacerbate existing liquidity challenges in the value chain,” says Omri van Zyl the executive director of Agri SA.

Whilst the industry is in support of government measures to curb the spread of Covid-19, the harvesting of game should be recognised as a key wildlife management tool and an important source of protein for people.

Hunting is inherently an activity that requires traveling across provincial borders and accommodation. Therefore, this prohibition will bring the industry to its knees from which it will potentially not recover in the short term to medium term.

Agri SA urges the department of environmental affairs, forestry and fisheries to reconsider their decision and work alongside industry to find a workable solution.

Statement issued by Omri van Zyl, Agri SA, Executive director, 29 July 2020