Tony Yengeni’s necklace tweet condemned – Solly Msimanga

DA Gauteng PC says NEC member is encouraging residents of Alex to resort to violence against Mayor Mashaba

DA strongly condemns Tony Yengeni’s Tweet inciting violence in Alexandra

8 April 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) condemns in the strongest terms the Twitter commentary by ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) member ,Tony Yengeni which incites violence in Alexandra.

The Twitter commentry reads, “The people of Alex have spoken, they want Mayor Mashaba to come to Alex. The Mayor has run away..! Those tyres are clean and nicely polished waiting for the Mayor..!”

This commentry clearly indicates that Yengeni is encouraging the residents of Alex to resort to violence and lawlessness against Mayor Herman Mashaba

It is very disappointing that an ANC NEC member who understands the IEC rules continues to go against these rules by using the plight of the residents which has been caused by the failures of his own political party, to fuel violence.

This indeed proves that the protest in Alex is not a service delivery protest but more a political ploy a few weeks before the elections.

The ANC will be held accountable for any injuries and damages caused during this protest.

The DA has already laid criminal charges against the ANC for inciting violence in Alexandra and influencing of the outcomes of the General Elections at the Alexandra Police Station today.

This is clear evidence that the ANC is orchestrating chaos in Alex; we will add this to the other evidence that we have which includes a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation and telephone audio conversation.

We will be reporting Yengeni and the ANC to the IEC. The ANC must sanctioned for its undemocratic and anarchist behaviour.

The ANC is scared that they will lose this election hence they are resorting to dirty politics.

The ANC should account for its failures to the people of Alex. Billions of rands that were allocated to uplift the lives of the residents of Alex through building houses, upgrading infrastructure and providing service delivery disappeared under the ANC administration.

The Alexandra Renewal Project did not benefit Alex residents but benefited the so-called ‘Alex Mafia’

We call for an urgent investigation into the disappearance of these monies that were supposed to be spent uplifting the lives of Alex residents.

The following ANC leaders must be called to account for what they have failed to do for Alex residents in their terms of office; former Joburg Mayors, Parks Tau and Amos Masondo, former Joburg MMC for Housing , Humphrey Mmemezi , former Gauteng MEC for Housing , Paul Mashatile, former Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, current Premier David Makhura, current MEC for Housing Uhuru Moiloa and President Cyril Ramaphosa.

On Thursday, 18 April 2019, I will be hosting a town hall meeting with Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba and the people of Alexandra so that we can reflect on what has been done since 2016, and what more needs to be done to make Alex a place to be proud of.

In addition to this I extend an invitation to President Cyril Ramaphosa, Gauteng Premier David Makhura and former Mayor Parks Tau to a debate to account for the period between 1994 and August 2016.

This engagement with the people of Alex will also present an opportunity for all three spheres of government to forge a partnership and show their commitment to working together in order to put the people of Alex first.

Above all, we are servants of the people, therefore party politics should be put side so that we can rebuild a broken community.

It is unacceptable that the ANC chose to play with the lives and emotions of the people by hijacking and criminalising a community movement.

Issued by Solly Msimanga, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, 8 April 2019